I was riding home on a 1 train after a freegan run in Morningside heights. The train car was rather full for that time of night. A man who claimed to be homeless walked down the aisle toward my side of the car, begging for change. Many people dished out some change or dollar bills. I was suspicious of him and didn’t give anything. There was something fishy about this guy.

When I stepped off the train, the homeless man followed. As I casually made my way to the exit I was pelted firmly on my back. I wheeled around, confused. There was the homeless man, standing with armfuls of apples. He grabbed a second missile and launched it toward me. The apple struck me hard in the chest.

“Hey! Stop it, why are you throwing apples at me?”

He said nothing, he only threw another apple at me. Then another.

“What? Why? Hey!”

I answered each shot with a different confused exclamation. As he had yet to speak or explain himself, I assumed he didn’t want to talk about it. The attack became overwhelming. The individual apples did not hurt, but the constant blows were adding up!

I decided to turn and run, surely he could not keep up with that armful of apples. But he stayed close at my heels, pegging me in the back every few seconds. I ran and ran but couldn’t get away. Finally I stopped and turned to him. I’m typically a non-confrontational and peaceful person. But this had gone on long enough. It was now a matter of justice!

I approached him with hurry and caution, apples bouncing forcefully off my chest. Finally I reached him and began punching him hard as I could in the face, over and over. He barely flinched, impervious to my counterattack. He only struck back with more apples. One after another.

Helpless, tired, and sore I petitioned him again, “why are you doing this? Please leave me alone, I haven’t done anything to deserve this!”

He remained silent, holding up another apple, cocked and ready.

I turned and ran again, but it was no use.

Finally I remembered a party where many friends and acquaintances would be. It was being held at Silent Barn, a DIY venue in Ridgewood (Brooklyn). I shoved my way through the crowd, shouting for help. Many people ignored my pleas, thinking it was some sort of hoax or joke.

“Please help me! This guy won’t stop attacking me, throwing apples at me. He’s a complete psychopath! Please stop him!”

I recognized an old acquaintance from high school and ran to him, desperately grabbing him by the lapel, “please, you have to help me!”

I ran off again by when I turned back I saw that my old friend, along with a posse of other attendees had tackled my assailant and had him pinned to the ground.

Feeling emboldened, I approached the man triumphantly. “What the hell is the matter with you? I didn’t do anything to deserve that!”

He only looked on with a blank stare, saying nothing just as before.

His insistent silence only enraged me further. I jumped on him and punched him repeatedly, mercilessly. He was unphased. I commanded for someone to call the cops, but my good friend Jonny Atlas, who had shown up during the hoopla, warned me that the police would only take the other man’s side. There are laws to protect the homeless; I had beat this man mercilessly before dozens of witnesses.

This was injustice! Homeless people are not entitled to treat others poorly. Perhaps I overreacted, perhaps there was more I could have done to extend grace and peace to this man. But what am I to do in the mean time, simply receive the abuse?

This dream was inspired, in no small part, by this youtube video. Do yourself a huge favor, don't watch for more than 2 or 3 minutes. It will suck your life away.
By: Gio Andollo

made me LOL
02/20/2011 6:06pm

Your dream made me LOL!


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